A Beautiful Day On The Dartmouth Steam Railway

When we arrived at the quaint and beautiful Paignton train station I suddenly felt much more excited than I thought I would be to go on a train. Originally this day out was for my little Noah who is 3 and loves any mode of transport he can get to, but the classic painted murals on the wall and the vintage look of the station entrance gave me a wonderful feeling of nostalgia that I loved.

When we got to the ticket office we were met by the lovely Sarah who was more than helpful to advise us of what trip would be the most suitable for us to go on with a very fidgety toddler and a teething baby. We chose the shorter option of the Steam train to Kingswear where we would get the pedestrian ferry to Dartmouth and return to Paignton when we were ready.

Just look at this beautifully maintained platform, can you feel the vintage vibes?



Noah loved the big clock and attempted to wait patiently for the smoke to appear in the distance…

The train was just amazing, a rare glimpse in to a much more decadent time, even the narrow doors that had to be opened through the window from the outside were a novelty! The view…. I didn’t expect such a beautiful panorama of the sea front. Even after seeing the photos on the Dartmouth Steam Railway website, I was still in awe.


The journey to Kingwear lasted for 30 minutes, this was a perfect amount of time with toddlers, however I would recommend bringing a drink and snacks if they get restless like Noah. He loved watching the scene changing but I think there is only so much time toddlers can appreciate scenery for. He did happen to entertain himself for a little while by ‘train surfing’.

happy noah

When we pulled in to Kingswear station we were once again met with beautiful scenery of Kingswear and across the estuary, Dartmouth in all it’s sun light glory.  I was so impressed with the effort Dartmouth Steam Railway had gone to to ensure the train is accessible to as many people as possible. When walking down the platform I was really surprised to see a disabled access ramp and a cleared carriage to allow room for wheelchair users and buggies. This is not something I was expecting on such an old Steam train but it really was brilliant to see the adaption.


The whole station, including the driver and workers on the train were great with and for children. The station included a small ride on train (just in-case they haven’t had their fill quite yet), a small gift shop, a cafe and a squashed penny machine! We happen to collect the pennys so Noah was over the moon! The drivers were also very happy to wait a few moments for us to take some photos of the train before it went then happily waved to us as they move away.  They have really put thought in to this day out, there are even plenty of vintage signs to direct you to the bathrooms and baby changing, both ordinary and disabled access. (who knew such an old station could be so accommodating to the modern world).


We jumped on the ferry and in under 10 minutes we were in Dartmouth! Sarah in Paignton had advised us of a lovely park and cafe a short walk down the embankment so we headed that way past the beautiful moored boats and gardens.


Noah loved the park and didn’t hesitate to run straight for the pirate ship. We made use of the tiny park-side cafe for a Tea, but we had our picnic which there are a few tables set up for. We stayed to play for an hour or so then went for a lovely walk around the town before catching the ferry back to Kingswear. We saw the train across the estuary and were very excited to get back on!

We were not expecting it to be even more beautiful and comfortable than our first journey but look at this for a vintage train carriage! DSC_0669

The journey back to Paignton was so relaxing and comfy I didn’t want it to end, Noah was in his element and even my partner Matt enjoyed himself (he wasn’t expecting to).

It really was a journey back in time and in my opinion one of the best ways to view the wonderful coastline. I will definitely be taking Noah and Winnie back on the Dartmouth Steam train but hopefully next time we will be able to do the river cruise too. On it’s own this takes about an hour from Dartmouth so for my little people it would have been a it too much.

There are lots of different trips you can take such as the round robin, which consists of the steam train, river cruise and then an open top bus tour. This was what we had hoped to go on and what we plan to do next time, what  an amazing way to explore the area!

If you are planning on visiting South Devon I cannot recommend Dartmouth Steam Railway enough for a very different day out. If you need help with what trip would suit you don’t hesitate to contact them for advice 🙂

Dartmouth Steam Railway and River Boat Company

Thank you so much to the lovely staff at the Dartmouth Steam Railway and River boat Company. I have told everyone how much we enjoyed ourselves and have shown the beautiful photos of the coast and Dartmouth to our families.

We will hopefully see you again next summer!


I was not paid for this review but we were given a trip of our choice in return for this post. The link above is not an affiliate link, I do not receive anything for you clicking the link.

Anxiety sucks! 

They melt my heart ♥. 

On days like today when my anxiety is so high that it is just making me feel angry and the slightest thing is turning me in to a shouty mummy, I know I need to appreciate moments like this so much more. 

I have no car today, no plans and get to just enjoy these two by myself. For a few minutes I feel greatful for that but then the next I just want to run away. 

Why does anxiety like to make you just not appreciate anything you have or special moments? 

It doesn’t help that I really haven’t slept for a couple of nights but I think maybe I will try and persuade Noah to watch the new #iceage so I can close my eyes for a bit 😴. #siblings #capturethemoment #makingmemories #garden #naptime #brotherandsister #mummyblogger #mumblog #parentblogger #parenting  #pblog 

When daddy is desperately trying to get the little one to sleep and she keeps waking up, sitting up and smiling at him 😜. Take your time… I have wine and #catastrophe starts in a minute 😂#mumlife #metime #selfcare #redwine #parentblogger #parenting #photooftheday

Personal time? What’s that?!

So the toddler is asleep and the baby upstairs with my oh. I should be able to take a few moments to go to loo in peace for once in the day! Nope not in this house.
Minute 1: dog starts to scratch to be let in from outside with the impatience of a junkie needing a fix. Try to ignore it…
Minute 3: I can hear winnie start to cry upstairs through the ‘fancy’ air vents. Ignore it her dad is right there…
Minute 4 (maybe): My mum shouts not knowing where I am. Seriously!! It’s a very small house!!
Minute 5: Now the cat is crying outside the actual bathroom door in the most frustrating way. OK that’s it I just need to wait for everyone to be in bed before I can take anywhere near ‘dad time’ to go to the loo, or choose a busy time to go like he does!

This has been a week of pretty tough days and admitting that maybe things are not quite right. Thankfully mental health help in my area is better than I realised and I’m not just going to be put on zombie tablets, but actually have a one on one talk with someone instead. It’s really hard to admit that you’re not coping and knowing that it’s OK to ask for help. Help is there, even if you have to write everything on your phone and hand it to the doctor to read because you are too good at ‘seeming fine’ when you talk. Last time I was told I was just having a tough day, 9 months later it’s been a bloody long day! Last night I finally got a baby free night out with my beautiful big sisters after about 5 years! We have all grown up so much in that time and it feels like another life. I desperately needed last night and felt truly indulged. Honestly it was like no-one else was there and we didn’t stop talking! I love you so much xx #sisters #outout #babyfree #mummyblogger #mummyblog #parenting #parentblogger #leopardprint #purplehair #pblog #blogger #pnd

I love the #treeoflifebreastfeeding pictures but never seem to get a photo I love to do it with. Today my little Oswin is almost 11 months old and has decided that I am not moving away from her. She has been attached to me all night and now for the last two hours but today I am grateful that I am able to sit still (still in a towel with wet hair) and snuggle her. These days won’t last forever, sometimes it is nice to be forced to stay still. #breastfeedingsnuggles #exclusivelybreastfed #11monthsold #mummyblogger #parentblogger #parenting #momentstoremember

At 10 months old this little lady is already so strong minded and clever. She sets her mind to something and isn’t content until she achieves it, usually pulling washing out of the bag or here getting involved in trampolining with her brother. I am so proud that she has this mind set already, it isn’t something you can really teach and it is definitely what a girl needs to have in our world. Stay strong little one. #internationalwomensday #girlpower #equality #strongwomen #babiesofinstagram #trampolining #mummyblogger #mumblog #parentblogger #mumlife #rainbow

3 attempts at a family photo pretty much failed! Toddlers move around way too much 😆 #family #familyphotos #toddlersofinstagram #babywearing #wearallthebabies #connecta #failedphoto #sciencemuseum #mumlife #mummyblog #parentblogger #parenting

Self care

So I keep reading about how you need to look after yourself and not loose your ‘you-ness’ (I may have stolen that bit from Dr. Suess) I keep feeling like I just don’t have time to do ‘me’ stuff when I am mostly tired all the time from being a mum.

I realised this week though that when my kids look at me all they see is me tidying up or in a hurry to get something done. I don’t want this to be how they think of me, I used to sing, write songs, paint, love photography, write stories and play the ukulele. I think I have maybe done one of those things since Oswin was born.

I decided I miss painting so got some water colours and ink and sat down to attempt to be creative (no pressure!). Turns out I didn’t know what I was doing, I tried to copy a photo of a fox and ended up ripping it up. Not the best start and yes I blamed the brushes!
Day two I decided to get some brushes I couldn’t blame and try to just be gentle with myself and just practice techniques. I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to paint a few lady birds in different ways with watercolour. Then ventured on to a lavender plant then a toadstool! I was loving the free feeling and felt proud of myself! What!! I know it is actually possible to feel proud of yourself for a few minutes when you have anxiety and constant ahh going on.
Go try something people! Even if it’s a little bit creative and then you rip it up, it might start something good and help you relax. Coming from a mum who no longer knows how to relax, this massively helped me.
When I paint something worth showing people I will post it!

Go go go! X