Personal time? What’s that?!

So the toddler is asleep and the baby upstairs with my oh. I should be able to take a few moments to go to loo in peace for once in the day! Nope not in this house.
Minute 1: dog starts to scratch to be let in from outside with the impatience of a junkie needing a fix. Try to ignore it…
Minute 3: I can hear winnie start to cry upstairs through the ‘fancy’ air vents. Ignore it her dad is right there…
Minute 4 (maybe): My mum shouts not knowing where I am. Seriously!! It’s a very small house!!
Minute 5: Now the cat is crying outside the actual bathroom door in the most frustrating way. OK that’s it I just need to wait for everyone to be in bed before I can take anywhere near ‘dad time’ to go to the loo, or choose a busy time to go like he does!

At 10 months old this little lady is already so strong minded and clever. She sets her mind to something and isn’t content until she achieves it, usually pulling washing out of the bag or here getting involved in trampolining with her brother. I am so proud that she has this mind set already, it isn’t something you can really teach and it is definitely what a girl needs to have in our world. Stay strong little one. #internationalwomensday #girlpower #equality #strongwomen #babiesofinstagram #trampolining #mummyblogger #mumblog #parentblogger #mumlife #rainbow

When you felt like a rock star last night with 3 frozen daiquiris and 0 babies… but your woken up by the smell of poo at 6am. So today has already consisted of having to move the bed at stupid o clock to retrieve the dog poo under it, 3 cups of tea that the toddler is determined to spill or make me drink cold, spilling it on myself, accidentally teaching noah how to sing ‘i know a song that will get on your nerves’ and now he seems to turned in to some sort of psychedelic hipster! #hipsterfashion #toddlersofinstagram #mumlife #mummyblog #parenting #themorningafter #coldtea #help #mumhairdontcare #donthaveabreakdown

3 attempts at a family photo pretty much failed! Toddlers move around way too much 😆 #family #familyphotos #toddlersofinstagram #babywearing #wearallthebabies #connecta #failedphoto #sciencemuseum #mumlife #mummyblog #parentblogger #parenting

Noah drew our new car, he got the colour right (kind of)! I like to think he is following my love of psychology and doing his own Rorschach impression 🤓 #toddlersofinstagram #rorschach #rorschachtest #newcar #mumlife #mummyblog