Diy organic baby wipes

Do you know how easy it to make your own baby wipes? All you need is a few things you might already have around. I use coconut oil, lavender essential oil, cut soft cloth and boiled water.

That’s it! 
It’s so easy and if your little one has sensitive skin it could be the answer to your prayers. In the past we tried different nappy rash creams that made my eczema on my hands really sore so God knows what it was doing to winnie’s little bum. Since we have used our own wipes, my hands and her bum are in a much better state. 
Winnie currently has Chicken pox which are particularly bad on her nappy area. There was no way I was putting baby wipes on her sore bits or giving her a bath with every nappy change. Thankfully you can make your own baby wipes super quick and know exactly what your putting in them.

You need a tub with a lid, preferably glass but we just use a plastic clip pot.

You will also need cloths or premade wipes like cheeky wipes. These are not the cheapest so we made our own. In good old poundland you can get super soft wash clothes for babies with 3 in a pack. I cut these in to 4 and put them on a quick wash to stop them fraying. 
Put a couple of drops of lavender oil and a about half a tea spoon of coconut oil in the tub and pour over water that has been boiled (still pretty warm). 
Then lay the wipes in one at a time until all soaked. You put the lid on and leave them to cool.
That’s it! They will last for about 4/5 days and usually you will use them before the water needs refreshing. To wash them pop them in with your cloth nappies or if you don’t use them then just use a separate ‘dirty’ pot and wash them on a 50 degree wash with non bio powder and no conditioners.

We use about 15-20 over 3/4 days. The best thing with these wipes is you get very skilled at using one wipe per nappy, even poops. You won’t be using any more than that unless it’s particularly explosive. 
You can use other essential oils to suit you but I just love lavender and it’s healing and antibacterial properties. 
Let me know if you give these a try, even if you just use them at home and disposable wipes when you go out! 

Dearest Dove Baby

Dear Dove and whichever ignorant person gave this campaign the all clear to be published,

I cannot understand your latest posters, who are you actually aiming them at? Who did you hope they would appeal to? I understand the ‘shock’ value of some campaigns for brands such a compare the market or something along those lines but for a baby product and a ‘caring’ brand… It just doesn’t work. 

The thing is I don’t think you intended this campaign to shock people in to talking about Dove baby and then have your sales sore. I think you genuinely thought people would like your ‘fresh’ take on breastfeeding…. We don’t. 
Whomever decided that these posters were fit for public viewing needs to understand how difficult breastfeeding is. It is not a choice you make to have an easy life. It has massive benefits beyond health but also many struggles. 

It is constantly giving a small human access to your, once personal, breasts whenever they choose.  Usually this is in a public place when you are unprepared. They don’t often show manners so it means quickly getting your boob out to stop the demands of a tiny uncivilised person. 

You feel pressure to be quick to give them your boob so they don’t attract every single person’s attention to then watch you get your boob out. 
Generally it means you are stuck under them for anything from a few moments to a couple of hours depending on if they fall asleep/poop.
It often means getting engorged, having no help understanding why feeding hurts, having to grit your teeth and let this little person have their milk even if it is making your insides tighten and tears fall. 
It is not a lazy option as some think. However I would never take back my decision to breastfeed. It forms a bond beyond words and a comfort that at times, like now when my baby has just had her jabs, only I can provide and make the world OK again for her. 
The idea that these ignorant and backwards posters could possibly put someone off of breastfeeding as to not offend the hundreds who say ‘put it away’, breaks my heart. 
You could have taken someone’s chance of being that ultimate comfort away.

You should not be supporting the people who tell women to feed their babies in the toilet or to keep a muslin over their heads even if they are sweating. 

And as for the poster suggesting you support the poor baby being left to cry instead of comforted?? Seriously!!!?  That is beyond disgusting to tell the public and put your name to.  I can’t believe how even the graphic design team did not think, “wow this is really cruel, we should not encourage this, we shouldn’t publish this”. 

Honestly is this meant to encourage us to use your baby wipes or baby bath? You showing utter neglect to a baby?
All I will say is, yes you have got the ‘social’ mums talking. Yes your name is being discussed amongst ‘mummy group’s. You have succeeded in getting #Dovebaby through the global world of Twitter. Congratulations.

The result of this? I have agreed with over 30 mums, dads and grandparents in the past few days that these adverts tag line of “what’s your way?” belong to a fast food company, not a baby’s milk supply. We have also agreed that we will not be supporting or purchasing Dove products again. 
Congratulations for pissing off every mum that has every been tutted at whilst feeding, every mum who has been made to feel unwelcome in a cafe for giving her baby milk with her own coffee. You have done a great job at undoing many years of trust we once had for the Dove brand.

Regards, Jessie, still breastfeeding a 14 month old in public whenever she waves and says ‘tittie‘. 

Toddler questions 

I knew I would always enjoy answering Noah’s questions about simple things like bugs and types of trees. I did think it would be a bit longer before he started asking more in depth questions that I have to actually think about. A couple of days ago he was asking how do babies get in your tummy? O jesus, he’s 3! So we went with when a mummy and daddy love eachother so so much they ask for a baby. OK that worked. The next day, “how do babies get out?” 😕  nope I’m not ready for this. Thankfully my mum decided to say they come out of a ‘hole’ 😆  she was not expecting Noah to keep asking where and how! So now he thinks babies come out of your bum. He didn’t understand that ladies have a different hole because he doesn’t have one.

Today I’ve also had to answer “mummy how to you know bananas are real?” and the corker “mummy what if Bananas have faces”. So on the surface level he could just be asking if they are real or maybe plastic? But I like to think he was somehow aware of the matrix or something similar and has an awareness of if something is real or in his mind. I’m ignoring asking if Bananas have faces because then I have to go in to “well we do eat things with faces but don’t worry!” and that’s too much for today! 

No blankets on buggies please! 

Now the sun have found its way back to us, do you know how to keep your baby safe and cool? 

I don’t use a buggy very often but more so in the summer when it is too hot and sticky to wear them.
I wanted to get the safest option to keep Oswin (1 year) out of the sun whilst in the buggy, I found the SnoozeShade and it is brilliant! 

The lovely people at SnoozeShade sent me a deluxe SnoozeShade to try out and this is how we got on. 
Firstly the brilliant stretchy design fits any standard buggy (we tried a Graco Evo, a Cosatto Giggle and a stroller) and it completely covers the seat and child. This means that if your little one is wearing shorts or a dress their legs will still be out of the sun. Gone are the days of fighting with a parasol and shade chasing when your out walking! 

There is a zip at the front to open fully or just one layer, depending on the level of shade needed. There is also a handy ‘peep’ zip to check on them, this bit is very handy for checking on little ones. 

We took it for a spin to the park this weekend and for the first time winnie fell asleep in the buggy! Noah thought it was a tent and wanted to get in too.

I will be lending it to my sister for her little one when they go to various places around Europe this summer. Like lots of mums she uses a muslin over the buggy. This is generally fine but on days when there isn’t much of a breeze or blistering heat, it can cause the baby to get hotter than they would be in the open air. Also the SnoozeShade is uv safe which is brilliant for added peace of mind with little ones, other covers don’t offer this protection, so babies can still catch the sun through them. 

The SnoozeShade comes in its own little mesh bag and goes back in to it without any issue to pop back under the buggy.

The SnoozeShade would also come in handy on very windy days as it cocoons the buggy, it is pretty snuggly in there but air can still circulate. 

Even with the SnoozeShade please still put suncream on little ones and out of the hottest part of the day if possible! 

I am looking forward to seeing if I can get my toddler to go to sleep under it now! 

If you are baby wearing in this heat, we do most of the time, please remember that the carrier or sling counts as a layer! We are very much showing off Oswin’s cloth nappy collection when she is carried at the moment.

Go check out SnoozeShade on amazon, they have quite a few handy variations.

Stay safe in the sun every one ☀  x

Boob out and singing Moana 

Yesterday I achieved the impossible. I took Noah and Winnie out all day by myself to London. We went to my beautiful friend Emma’s house to play with her little ones. This part was fine, traffic on the M25 sucked but both babies slept for the worst of it so I got a few minutes to sing along to grown up songs instead of Moana on repeat. 

Noah was a bit of a pest and kept drinking every two seconds because they had an ice machine on the fridge and the temptation was too much to resist! This obviously meant that on the way home, noah instantly needed a wee, and then again 20 minutes later and again and again. Driving through central London at 16:30 made this pretty frustrating. We ended up going to the Brent Cross shopping centre to get dinner and obviously go for a wee. 

This was a mistake, I should have just gone to macdonalds, why did I think “Yeh let’s try and get Yo Sushi by ourselves without daddy to chase after the wild one. 

Yep never again, not until noah is old enough to understand the concept of ‘help yourself’ and that it is not the same as ‘please lick which ever bowl you would like then change your mind’. 

Trying to contain two hungry, overtired little people that just wanted to get under the table or go for 10 wees and on top of it attempt to eat with chopsticks during this time! Impossible, honestly I’m getting macdonalds next time! 

We paid pretty quickly after Noah almost kicked the lady behind him practicing his Tree Foo Tom moves and Winnie poured a pot of Soy Sauce on herself. We once again ventured to the toilets, this time before we got there Noah decided weeing in the buggy was easier so we ended up standing in the middle of the ladies toilet cleaning and changing him. This whole event with Winnie in the ring sling and laughing every time I had to lean forward to get something else from under the buggy. 

It must have been an event to watch as atleast 3 women gave us the ‘uh children and disgusting’ look. Cheers ladies, good luck with yours in the future!

Finally got back to the car and Winnie decided it was her time in the lime light. She shouted at me for a good 20 minutes before I could pull over and feed her. This, lucky for me, meant a dingy petrol station forecourt with my boob out in the car and again singing Moana to keep Noah happy. 

Our car obviously thought I hadn’t had enough entertainment for the evening so decided to keep turning the engine off every few minutes, to save power apparently. For me this just meant that every few minutes the engine went off and all the lights came on, highlighting to everyone around that I was actually sitting with my boob out and singing Moana. They couldn’t see Noah through the tinted glass and winnie was laying across my lap so really I couldn’t have charged for tickets for the entertainment value I bought to some lucky people last night! As Moawi would say “you’re welcome!”

Today I did some temp work in an office just inputting questionnaire responses on to the computer for 6 hours… It was a nice rest! 

What a weekend 

​I don’t think I realised how much the sun affected my mood. This weekend, and it’s beautiful weather, has made me feel so much better. 

We have been very relaxed and organised (very unlike us!) which has made the most of the beautiful weather. We have visited the Marston Moretaine Dinosaurs, had two picnics, got sunburnt, been to three parks, eaten too many ice lollies and had a nap in the shade.

What more could you want with such beautiful little babies and perfect weather!

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Sometimes you need to take a moment and look at what life with sprogs is. Most of the time it can’t be classified as one thing, it’s usually a pretty good combination of tough, rewarding and funny.
To me being a mum means;
*Forever feeling guilty, (mum guilt of never believing you have done your best for them)
*Loving the smell of your babies breath.
*Being the only one who can decipher your toddler’s language and being confused why no-one else can.
*Constantly conflicting emotions ‘yay you walked! O my God sit back down, be a baby, I’m not ready for this!’
*catching yourself saying phrases your mum said that you hated! “stop doing that or I will turn the car around and go home” as if!
*Changing your clothes atleast once a day because you have some kind of bodily fluid on your top, usually none of it is yours.
*Wondering where the 3 extra people live in your house that keep messing up the living room and adding to laundry mountain.
*You feel a sense of achievement for showering more than twice in a week.
*You realise the only bath you have had recently was with your baby and only because both of your were recently covered in her sick.
*You take everyone temperature that you can reach in the house before believing that the thermometer works on the one that is actually ill.
*Nearly having a tear in your eye when your terrible toddler needs a mummy cuddle.
*Having actual tears in your eyes when they say they don’t need a mummy cuddle.
*Wondering if you will ever get anywhere on time again.
*Being terrified when your toddler says “mummy I was dreaming about freddy…”.

‘take it easy’

I’m still feeling full of cold and unable to take anything that might actually help as I’m breastfeeding Oswin, so today I decided to ‘take it easy’. So in a man’s world (sorry to stereotype, maybe just my man’s world) today this looked liked this:
Matt work up with noah at 7, made him breakfast and got him dressed. Forgot to back noah’s bag for the childminders and moaned about it not being time for him to go yet. Eventually at 9:15 he took him, came home and had a nap, got ready for work and went by 14:30. He was home before 1am.
My take it easy day whilst noah was at the childminders until 1:30: got up, changed and dressed Oswin, breakfast, put washing in, went food shopping, put washing out, put more washing in, washed out nappies and put them in the bucket, hoovered, fed Oswin and cuddled her to sleep, snuck out from under her and put more washing out and stripped bedding off. I finally  made a tea and sat down to stuff all the nappies (as no-one else seems to understand them) and she woke up screaming. I then had to go pick noah up and the rest of the afternoon/evening was non stop with overtired noah and teething Oswin.
I was still awake until about 1:30 am feeding a gorgeous little monkey that just wouldn’t sleep! All in the same amount of time, yet matt seemed shocked that I was tired when he came home!
Ah start again tomorrow…

Realising for the millionth time that these two are what matters but also that means looking after mummy!

I think having a good knowledge of mental health (previous experience and a degree) has helped me to keep bad thoughts and low times at bay so far with two little people.
I do my best to help others around me, even when I can’t fight to help myself that day. If my sisters, mum, uncle, babies or matt need me, I’m there without a second thought.
OK sometimes a second thought of ; “Is it acceptable in this situation to be wearing pajamas and or a bra”. But beyond that, I’m there with a smile. This takes it’s toll I guess on top of a milk monster and a very jealous and clever toddler all day.

I think this week I broke, not as in gave in, I mean actually broke like needed to be reset and possibly updated? Im not sure where I’m going with that analogy but something computery that wasn’t turning off and on (there’s no time for that business at the moment!!). Any way…

So I was a bit psycho yesterday and I think I scared my mum and Matt a bit, egg shells were well and truly being stepped on from the moment someone spoke to me in the morning. I just felt angry all day and like nothing was good or ever going to be again. I didn’t exactly have a reason I don’t think but in hindsight, everything just got too much and Jessie got lost!
I can’t remember the last time I did anything for myself or even how to just relax my shoulders! It isn’t a good feeling, everything was just making it worse except my mum and sister reminding me about an exercise class I mentioned months ago.

So I phoned and booked it to be told it was currently empty but if I didn’t mind a 1 on 1 then it’s OK to come along. At this point I felt quite numb and didn’t really care about being a wobbly (possibly crying) mess infront of a toned and mentally stable instructor.

Positive… positive… positive

So I had a long, hot and toddler free bath (woop woop!!). Who knew baths without other people in it were so nice! Normally there is nearly enough legs in my bath to be a spider!
I sorted my slightly green hair out and watched Jane the virgin until I couldn’t stand to be in there any longer. I went to sleep trying to not let anxiety get the better of me about the class and thankfully Oswin stayed in her own bed all night which gave me a much needed break from feeling like a pregnant kangaroo.

I think today was meant to happen to be honest. I met the instructor who was just too lovely and understood everything I told her about how I was feeling physically and about my condition which massively contributes to feeling weak and unbalanced. We ended up having an hour or so long personal session which was amazing and she knew exactly what I needed to work on to build my stamina and strength up after two babies.

I feel like I have a bit of a path to follow after this, I have no intention of starting a gym inspiration blog don’t worry, but maybe a few posts showing it is OK to feel like the world just doesn’t get you and maybe it’s also OK to have good days!

I have been very vague with how I have felt recently but I muddle through when things are bad and always find a way to rationalise and fight through (thanks cbt and a very overpriced psychology degree!!). I have these tools in my bag, I’m grateful for them, but yesterday I lost the bag.
I have felt gradually worse and not wanting to get up in the morning which sucks. I genuinely felt worried that I didn’t care that winnie was crying, I just wanted her to be quiet and didn’t take time go figure out what was wrong. That was scary, I never want to feel like that again. I’m going to do my best to notice next time and get out of it. My little ones deserve the best mummy and I desperately want to be that. Sometimes though, that means taking a step back and not trying to be super mum.

Yes the kitchen looked like a scene from 28 days later and no I didn’t put any of the 1000 tons of washing in, but no-one died, the kitchen is now tidy (and filled with food), washing is on and I haven’t stopped kissing my babies all day.

Even when noah put a whole toilet roll in the toilet and blocked it, I went to ask him why he did it and he put his hand up to me and said “look, don’t get grumpy” and gave me a huge cuddle and a kiss. Honestly he’s not even 3, where did he get that! Bloody genius child, he didn’t get told off and I couldn’t stop laughing. Kids are the best if you just let them in.

Wow it’s late, why am I not asleep like everyone else!
Thanks for reading! Good night everyone! X