World mental health day, let’s start again

Today I decided to brave the cold morning and not feel defeated before I had even left the house. I have had a pretty harsh year so far, loosing the closest person I had to a father and then my little demon (Yorkie) cyd.

I hadn’t really processed my grieving yet before we moved house in the most stressful way and then lost my part time job because I couldn’t commit to it. I have just been left feeling pretty lost, for the first time in my life I don’t have a goal or something to work towards. Every day is just surviving and keeping the little ones alive and happy. That is a full time 24 hour a day task. Winnie is 2 and a half and is still in my bed most of the night, not sleeping.

My anxiety at the moment is making me want to sleep a lot and to hide away from being social and a parent. I haven’t been my best recently but i have noticed how much time has passed not enjoying my little people. Winnie is home with me every day, I feel suffocated but also so grateful that I can be there with her.

Today we are starting a fresh and embracing the days at home. Our new morning routine is going to include #cosmicyoga together when Noah has gone to school. Today we have done the hungry caterpillar story and loved it. Winnie is already doing another story! I came on Instagram

to write this post after a long time away and saw that it happens to be #worldmentalhealthday . I’m taking that as a good sign that this will be a new start. #anxiety #yogaforkids #parenting #beingamumishard #day1