It’s the circus and circus!

Can you breastfeed a two year old on the front row of the circus on a Saturday night? Sure you can! Also I didn’t notice for quite a while that Winnie had popped out and was fiddling with my other nipple and provided another form of entertainment during the interval 🤦 apart from getting through several bags of popcorn and a few minutes of bloody Peppa pig towards the end, the circus was a big hit with the littles. Winnie especially loved the terrifying clown and the video is of her laughing when it hit the man around the head

Rocking a Friday night!

When you finally get the kids in bed and have the house to yourself, you fancy a snack and your lack of shopping means you are going to have to make a bit of effort…

The grown up in me is so excited to eat this and proud of using up tomatos, the mum in me: “fuck it I’m still using the paw patrol plate” 🤫

I’m not the only one who just lives off of these cartoon or Ikea plates am I?

We have side plates somewhere in the cupboard but they haven’t seen the light of day for a couple of years now! #parenting #pawpatrol #yummy #iknowhowtorockafridaynight #mumlife