Dairy free easy peasy!

We have been dairy free for three days now. It has been a challenge but only really to have to think a bit more when getting food out and leaving bits out when making dinner. 

We have had one bad experience of a pub near us advertising they have soy milk but then not having any because it isn’t popular, so they haven’t bothered to buy it again 🙄 cheers whetherspoons! 

A second bad experience which has really upset me was buying dairy free yogurts from Holland and Barratt to find they are mouldy! Properly green fury mouldy! I am mostly upset because the lids were actually all damaged but covered by reduced stickers… Big no no. We are currently dealing with them by email. I don’t think I will be going back to the shop near us again. It really didn’t make our dinner time very pleasant with a toddler suddenly not being able to eat his new yogurts that I had spent all day making sound yummy! There was a lot of tears and he just didn’t understand why they were taken away from him.

Hopefully that was our bad luck out of the way! We had pretty good visit to a local play area yesterday where they made us scrambled egg with soy milk, they had dairy free butter and they even sold #minimoo chocolates! I think we will be going here more often as Noah loved them!

So we have been eating almost a vegan diet the last few days, we have had vegan burgers, dairy free cheese and polenta chips. I made a stir fry just with veggies and tonight we are having some concoction of Sweet Potato and Spinach patties? (I haven’t made them up yet) and Colliflower mash. 

I’m really not minding the lack of meat and dairy at the moment, I haven’t been craving cream or anything like I did when we tried this before so I am hoping my knowledge of coconut cream and mayonnaise will get me through! 

I might even loose my mum tum if I’m lucky! I did eat a lot of cheese before. 

Send any recipies my way! X

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