What a week!

I haven’t been very active on here lately as life with two little ones has been a bit overwhelming in the last week or so. 

I attempted my first day of leaving Matt with both babies so I could go to work. Wow that didn’t go well! 

Before I even came down stairs for a cup of tea, Matt left Noah and winnie at the table to make some toast. Within a few minutes I hear a bang…then a scream… Then Matt shouting “Jess come downstairs quick, help”. It was like a horror film scream for help and made my already very high anxiety go through the room and made me feel sick. I came down to a lot of blood coming from Winnie’s mouth. Noah had been climbing on her high chair and had pulled it over and she hit her face pretty hard on the table. O my God the blood!

We took her to the doctors to be told she will most probably need stitches to the cut on her lip so to head to A and E. It was terrifying, at first we were told they would need to knock her out to do the stitches. I did not want my very nearly 1 year old to have anesthetic 😭.

Thankfully they agreed it would possibly cause the cut to be bigger if they used a needle to decided to put a sticky strip across it instead, this lasted all of about 6-8 steps down the corridor before she liked it and it fell off. Amazingly the next day it looked brilliant and you would never have known how bad it was the day before. I happen to think it is because she is having milk all night at the moment and boobie milk heals everything! 

Then the day before winnie’s 1st birthday, me and her both get ill with a wonderful all consuming cold and sore throat. We still have it nearly a week later, this means that we have had no sleep, I’ve had “mama mama” cried at me for pretty much 23 hours a day, I haven’t been able to go to work and I haven’t had any time to let myself feel better. Paracetamol, ibuprofen and a throat spray have become my best friends 😦 

This morning atleast I have managed to put her infront of baby TV and she is eating sugar free Maria biscuits so I can express some milk for her (hoping I am able to go to work later). 

On top of this Noah has noticed that winnie is getting all the attention so is now being more of monkey than usual. Even wanting mummy milk! He cried “mama” just like winnie and I had to let him have some. It was not the nicest feeling but it made him feel more involved I think so that’s worth it. I am very much hoping it was a one off!! 


Boob out and singing Moana 

Yesterday I achieved the impossible. I took Noah and Winnie out all day by myself to London. We went to my beautiful friend Emma’s house to play with her little ones. This part was fine, traffic on the M25 sucked but both babies slept for the worst of it so I got a few minutes to sing along to grown up songs instead of Moana on repeat. 

Noah was a bit of a pest and kept drinking every two seconds because they had an ice machine on the fridge and the temptation was too much to resist! This obviously meant that on the way home, noah instantly needed a wee, and then again 20 minutes later and again and again. Driving through central London at 16:30 made this pretty frustrating. We ended up going to the Brent Cross shopping centre to get dinner and obviously go for a wee. 

This was a mistake, I should have just gone to macdonalds, why did I think “Yeh let’s try and get Yo Sushi by ourselves without daddy to chase after the wild one. 

Yep never again, not until noah is old enough to understand the concept of ‘help yourself’ and that it is not the same as ‘please lick which ever bowl you would like then change your mind’. 

Trying to contain two hungry, overtired little people that just wanted to get under the table or go for 10 wees and on top of it attempt to eat with chopsticks during this time! Impossible, honestly I’m getting macdonalds next time! 

We paid pretty quickly after Noah almost kicked the lady behind him practicing his Tree Foo Tom moves and Winnie poured a pot of Soy Sauce on herself. We once again ventured to the toilets, this time before we got there Noah decided weeing in the buggy was easier so we ended up standing in the middle of the ladies toilet cleaning and changing him. This whole event with Winnie in the ring sling and laughing every time I had to lean forward to get something else from under the buggy. 

It must have been an event to watch as atleast 3 women gave us the ‘uh children and disgusting’ look. Cheers ladies, good luck with yours in the future!

Finally got back to the car and Winnie decided it was her time in the lime light. She shouted at me for a good 20 minutes before I could pull over and feed her. This, lucky for me, meant a dingy petrol station forecourt with my boob out in the car and again singing Moana to keep Noah happy. 

Our car obviously thought I hadn’t had enough entertainment for the evening so decided to keep turning the engine off every few minutes, to save power apparently. For me this just meant that every few minutes the engine went off and all the lights came on, highlighting to everyone around that I was actually sitting with my boob out and singing Moana. They couldn’t see Noah through the tinted glass and winnie was laying across my lap so really I couldn’t have charged for tickets for the entertainment value I bought to some lucky people last night! As Moawi would say “you’re welcome!”

Today I did some temp work in an office just inputting questionnaire responses on to the computer for 6 hours… It was a nice rest! 

What a weekend 

​I don’t think I realised how much the sun affected my mood. This weekend, and it’s beautiful weather, has made me feel so much better. 

We have been very relaxed and organised (very unlike us!) which has made the most of the beautiful weather. We have visited the Marston Moretaine Dinosaurs, had two picnics, got sunburnt, been to three parks, eaten too many ice lollies and had a nap in the shade.

What more could you want with such beautiful little babies and perfect weather!

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Cutest conversation today

Noah staring up at the moon out during the early evening.. “mummy I want to go to the moon” 

“You need a rocket to get there little man, it’s really far away” 

“it’s not, I can catch it”

“Maybe when you grown up you can be an astronaut and fly there in a rocket”

Looking very excited at that idea, then..

“But mummy I don’t have a costume… Maybe I can borrow one”

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Dairy free easy peasy!

We have been dairy free for three days now. It has been a challenge but only really to have to think a bit more when getting food out and leaving bits out when making dinner. 

We have had one bad experience of a pub near us advertising they have soy milk but then not having any because it isn’t popular, so they haven’t bothered to buy it again 🙄 cheers whetherspoons! 

A second bad experience which has really upset me was buying dairy free yogurts from Holland and Barratt to find they are mouldy! Properly green fury mouldy! I am mostly upset because the lids were actually all damaged but covered by reduced stickers… Big no no. We are currently dealing with them by email. I don’t think I will be going back to the shop near us again. It really didn’t make our dinner time very pleasant with a toddler suddenly not being able to eat his new yogurts that I had spent all day making sound yummy! There was a lot of tears and he just didn’t understand why they were taken away from him.

Hopefully that was our bad luck out of the way! We had pretty good visit to a local play area yesterday where they made us scrambled egg with soy milk, they had dairy free butter and they even sold #minimoo chocolates! I think we will be going here more often as Noah loved them!

So we have been eating almost a vegan diet the last few days, we have had vegan burgers, dairy free cheese and polenta chips. I made a stir fry just with veggies and tonight we are having some concoction of Sweet Potato and Spinach patties? (I haven’t made them up yet) and Colliflower mash. 

I’m really not minding the lack of meat and dairy at the moment, I haven’t been craving cream or anything like I did when we tried this before so I am hoping my knowledge of coconut cream and mayonnaise will get me through! 

I might even loose my mum tum if I’m lucky! I did eat a lot of cheese before. 

Send any recipies my way! X

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Trialing life without the big D… 

I have been on and off with dairy for a little while now for a few reasons. The first ‘off’ was when I had winnie (now 11 months). She was dairy intolerant and breast fed so I had to give it up. I didn’t actually mind and it gave me a new awareness of how milk in one form or another is in most things. Usually it is as some kind of milk powder on the ingredients list, even in Turkey bacon! (there’s just no need for that!) 

I cut out the biggest quantities of dairy easily by swapping to soy milk and various yogurts (I kept swapping because they tasted like paper). I now actually preference soy milk in tea but still struggle with other areas like on cereal, blah.  So since then I have tried to be more conscious of how much dairy we are all consuming. 
Recently both Noah and Winnie seem to have permanent coughs. Noah has been given both brown and blue inhalers for ‘when he needs them’, he hasn’t been diagnosed with asthma but apparently he can’t be until he’s five. So they don’t really help and he coughs most of the night but the doctors don’t really know what else to say. Winnie on the other hand has been given a green inhaler for her baby lungs and has had 4 ear infections, with antibiotics, and croup 3 times in the last 6 months.
I am not a big fan of antibiotics, especially in little ones, I would much rather know why she is getting these infections and coughs that keep her up all night. So we are trialing no dairy for all of us for a month.
I did a shop today and made sure to not pick up regular cheese (my oh is going to cry) and alternative yogurts. I’m going to make Winnie and noah custard with hazelnut milk and birds powder as well as sugar free Jelly to help with his yogurts addiction. I don’t think he will mind but I’m sure the fact that he can still eat jaffa cakes and party rings will come in handy at some point!
Let me know if you have any tips, I think we will mainly struggle with cheesy things and snacks rather than meals, but any help is welcome 🙂
Wish me luck! X
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