Personal time? What’s that?!

So the toddler is asleep and the baby upstairs with my oh. I should be able to take a few moments to go to loo in peace for once in the day! Nope not in this house.
Minute 1: dog starts to scratch to be let in from outside with the impatience of a junkie needing a fix. Try to ignore it…
Minute 3: I can hear winnie start to cry upstairs through the ‘fancy’ air vents. Ignore it her dad is right there…
Minute 4 (maybe): My mum shouts not knowing where I am. Seriously!! It’s a very small house!!
Minute 5: Now the cat is crying outside the actual bathroom door in the most frustrating way. OK that’s it I just need to wait for everyone to be in bed before I can take anywhere near ‘dad time’ to go to the loo, or choose a busy time to go like he does!

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