This has been a week of pretty tough days and admitting that maybe things are not quite right. Thankfully mental health help in my area is better than I realised and I’m not just going to be put on zombie tablets, but actually have a one on one talk with someone instead. It’s really hard to admit that you’re not coping and knowing that it’s OK to ask for help. Help is there, even if you have to write everything on your phone and hand it to the doctor to read because you are too good at ‘seeming fine’ when you talk. Last time I was told I was just having a tough day, 9 months later it’s been a bloody long day! Last night I finally got a baby free night out with my beautiful big sisters after about 5 years! We have all grown up so much in that time and it feels like another life. I desperately needed last night and felt truly indulged. Honestly it was like no-one else was there and we didn’t stop talking! I love you so much xx #sisters #outout #babyfree #mummyblogger #mummyblog #parenting #parentblogger #leopardprint #purplehair #pblog #blogger #pnd

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