Just a little bit of spring…

For the last week or so I have slept less than I did with a newborn. Oswin’s croupy cough has kept her and me awake pretty much all night and I am officially a zombie. If you spoke to me at all this week you would think I had taken something, it’s just not fun. 

So yesterday when I had the day with Oswin at home with Noah at nursery, I decided I was going to get all the washing done, sort my blog out, do the washing up mountain and then play with Oswin.

Looking back at this I feel like saying “bless you” in a very condescending voice with a slight laugh. Honestly Noah is at nursery until 3:30, I managed to put one lot of nappies in the wash and make myself a tea… Then Oswin decided I had nothing better to do, so I was stuck under her asleep for 2 hours. If it wasn’t for the fact I hadn’t eaten and desperately needed a wee, I would have been OK! 

I eventually had to go and get Noah from nursery, thankfully it was so lovely and sunny that when we got home I could just let him play in the garden. I love seeing him ride up and down on his many (too many) bikes, cars and scooters. Oswin was desperate to get out so I put the blanket on the grass and gave them a snack each. I had the thought of, oo they are happy for a moment so I can get the washing out or reply to an email! But instead I picked my phone up and took the quick photo above. I then put my phone down and went and sat with my babies in the sun. 

This may seem like a normal thing to some people but I seem to struggle sometimes to appreciate playing and perfect moments with my little ones. This was definitely one of those. I definitely went to bed feeling warm and fuzzy last night knowing I didn’t let anything get in the way of a spontaneous picmic (Noah’s term) with my rapidly growing babies. 

Obviously it didn’t last as a ‘picture perfect’ moment as instantly Oswin decided to throw blackberries at me and use her plate as a steering wheel, Noah burst out laughing, nearly choked then joined in with the mini food fight. It was still a moment I will remember as spring arriving though, Oswin was able to crawl around the grass for the first time without getting wet knees and Noah said he needed sun Glasses. 

I am feeling somewhat inspired to get my Nikon out and take some beautiful spring photos of them tomorrow and actually welcome spring. I hope spring brought with it some inspiration or uplifting for everyone else! Get outside everyone! X

When daddy is desperately trying to get the little one to sleep and she keeps waking up, sitting up and smiling at him 😜. Take your time… I have wine and #catastrophe starts in a minute 😂#mumlife #metime #selfcare #redwine #parentblogger #parenting #photooftheday

Is #bluesclues vintage yet? We were given lots of these books from our lovely neighbour and Noah loves them! We have moved on from #theresanouchinmypouch! Ahh bedtime… Where’s the wine 🍷! #winetime #bedtime #bedtimestories #mummyblogger #pblog #parenting #siblings #rememberingthesedays #our_everyday_moments #worldoflittles

Personal time? What’s that?!

So the toddler is asleep and the baby upstairs with my oh. I should be able to take a few moments to go to loo in peace for once in the day! Nope not in this house.
Minute 1: dog starts to scratch to be let in from outside with the impatience of a junkie needing a fix. Try to ignore it…
Minute 3: I can hear winnie start to cry upstairs through the ‘fancy’ air vents. Ignore it her dad is right there…
Minute 4 (maybe): My mum shouts not knowing where I am. Seriously!! It’s a very small house!!
Minute 5: Now the cat is crying outside the actual bathroom door in the most frustrating way. OK that’s it I just need to wait for everyone to be in bed before I can take anywhere near ‘dad time’ to go to the loo, or choose a busy time to go like he does!


All too often, people are harassed for breastfeeding in public. The pope is doing his part to fight the stigma (x)


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This has been a week of pretty tough days and admitting that maybe things are not quite right. Thankfully mental health help in my area is better than I realised and I’m not just going to be put on zombie tablets, but actually have a one on one talk with someone instead. It’s really hard to admit that you’re not coping and knowing that it’s OK to ask for help. Help is there, even if you have to write everything on your phone and hand it to the doctor to read because you are too good at ‘seeming fine’ when you talk. Last time I was told I was just having a tough day, 9 months later it’s been a bloody long day! Last night I finally got a baby free night out with my beautiful big sisters after about 5 years! We have all grown up so much in that time and it feels like another life. I desperately needed last night and felt truly indulged. Honestly it was like no-one else was there and we didn’t stop talking! I love you so much xx #sisters #outout #babyfree #mummyblogger #mummyblog #parenting #parentblogger #leopardprint #purplehair #pblog #blogger #pnd

I love the #treeoflifebreastfeeding pictures but never seem to get a photo I love to do it with. Today my little Oswin is almost 11 months old and has decided that I am not moving away from her. She has been attached to me all night and now for the last two hours but today I am grateful that I am able to sit still (still in a towel with wet hair) and snuggle her. These days won’t last forever, sometimes it is nice to be forced to stay still. #breastfeedingsnuggles #exclusivelybreastfed #11monthsold #mummyblogger #parentblogger #parenting #momentstoremember

At 10 months old this little lady is already so strong minded and clever. She sets her mind to something and isn’t content until she achieves it, usually pulling washing out of the bag or here getting involved in trampolining with her brother. I am so proud that she has this mind set already, it isn’t something you can really teach and it is definitely what a girl needs to have in our world. Stay strong little one. #internationalwomensday #girlpower #equality #strongwomen #babiesofinstagram #trampolining #mummyblogger #mumblog #parentblogger #mumlife #rainbow