Sometimes you need to take a moment and look at what life with sprogs is. Most of the time it can’t be classified as one thing, it’s usually a pretty good combination of tough, rewarding and funny.
To me being a mum means;
*Forever feeling guilty, (mum guilt of never believing you have done your best for them)
*Loving the smell of your babies breath.
*Being the only one who can decipher your toddler’s language and being confused why no-one else can.
*Constantly conflicting emotions ‘yay you walked! O my God sit back down, be a baby, I’m not ready for this!’
*catching yourself saying phrases your mum said that you hated! “stop doing that or I will turn the car around and go home” as if!
*Changing your clothes atleast once a day because you have some kind of bodily fluid on your top, usually none of it is yours.
*Wondering where the 3 extra people live in your house that keep messing up the living room and adding to laundry mountain.
*You feel a sense of achievement for showering more than twice in a week.
*You realise the only bath you have had recently was with your baby and only because both of your were recently covered in her sick.
*You take everyone temperature that you can reach in the house before believing that the thermometer works on the one that is actually ill.
*Nearly having a tear in your eye when your terrible toddler needs a mummy cuddle.
*Having actual tears in your eyes when they say they don’t need a mummy cuddle.
*Wondering if you will ever get anywhere on time again.
*Being terrified when your toddler says “mummy I was dreaming about freddy…”.

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