Noah drew our new car, he got the colour right (kind of)! I like to think he is following my love of psychology and doing his own Rorschach impression 🤓 #toddlersofinstagram #rorschach #rorschachtest #newcar #mumlife #mummyblog

The gorgeous little being is rarely without food in his mouth or in his hands. I’m not sure where he put this huge piece of carrot cake, but it didn’t last long and his smile just shows that it is his favourite flavour! #toddlersofinstagram #eatallthecake #mummyblog #mumlfe #toocute #sciencemuseum #sciencemuseumlondon

The rare siting of the toddler in the @tulababycarriers concentric and asleep! Also winnie having some cheeky milkies in the @connecta_baby with nova suck pads all with a view of the Brompton Road and beautiful harrods 😍 #mumlife
#mummyblog #normalisebreastfeeding #tulainthewild #connectamoments #tula #familytime #babiesofinstagram #toddlersofinstagram #london #sciencemuseum #wearallthebabies #carryallthebabies (at Harrods)

Self care

So I keep reading about how you need to look after yourself and not loose your ‘you-ness’ (I may have stolen that bit from Dr. Suess) I keep feeling like I just don’t have time to do ‘me’ stuff when I am mostly tired all the time from being a mum.

I realised this week though that when my kids look at me all they see is me tidying up or in a hurry to get something done. I don’t want this to be how they think of me, I used to sing, write songs, paint, love photography, write stories and play the ukulele. I think I have maybe done one of those things since Oswin was born.

I decided I miss painting so got some water colours and ink and sat down to attempt to be creative (no pressure!). Turns out I didn’t know what I was doing, I tried to copy a photo of a fox and ended up ripping it up. Not the best start and yes I blamed the brushes!
Day two I decided to get some brushes I couldn’t blame and try to just be gentle with myself and just practice techniques. I was pleasantly surprised. I managed to paint a few lady birds in different ways with watercolour. Then ventured on to a lavender plant then a toadstool! I was loving the free feeling and felt proud of myself! What!! I know it is actually possible to feel proud of yourself for a few minutes when you have anxiety and constant ahh going on.
Go try something people! Even if it’s a little bit creative and then you rip it up, it might start something good and help you relax. Coming from a mum who no longer knows how to relax, this massively helped me.
When I paint something worth showing people I will post it!

Go go go! X

Sometimes you need to take a moment and look at what life with sprogs is. Most of the time it can’t be classified as one thing, it’s usually a pretty good combination of tough, rewarding and funny.
To me being a mum means;
*Forever feeling guilty, (mum guilt of never believing you have done your best for them)
*Loving the smell of your babies breath.
*Being the only one who can decipher your toddler’s language and being confused why no-one else can.
*Constantly conflicting emotions ‘yay you walked! O my God sit back down, be a baby, I’m not ready for this!’
*catching yourself saying phrases your mum said that you hated! “stop doing that or I will turn the car around and go home” as if!
*Changing your clothes atleast once a day because you have some kind of bodily fluid on your top, usually none of it is yours.
*Wondering where the 3 extra people live in your house that keep messing up the living room and adding to laundry mountain.
*You feel a sense of achievement for showering more than twice in a week.
*You realise the only bath you have had recently was with your baby and only because both of your were recently covered in her sick.
*You take everyone temperature that you can reach in the house before believing that the thermometer works on the one that is actually ill.
*Nearly having a tear in your eye when your terrible toddler needs a mummy cuddle.
*Having actual tears in your eyes when they say they don’t need a mummy cuddle.
*Wondering if you will ever get anywhere on time again.
*Being terrified when your toddler says “mummy I was dreaming about freddy…”.