And we are finally ready to go and see Peter Pan!! First pantomime as a family and don’t they look cute! Don’t be fooled it’s all an act… At the moment I’m tempted to feed Noah to the tic toc Croc should the chance arise! #gordancraigtheatre #peterpan #pantomime #tinkerbell #parentblogger #parenting #mummyblogger

The perfect things to make your heart feel all fuzzy. Noah seeing Oswin crying and says “I can make her feel better” so starts singing row your boat with her. It’s even better that they have matching skinny jeans on #bigbrother #parentblogger #parenting #oswin #helovesher

My beautiful little Oswin has only been crawling properly for a matter of hours and now she wants to stand up and try to walk! Slow down little one you are only 8 months! Even with croup and a very dribbly nose you are still cute and determined 😘 #girlpower #8monthsold #parentblogger #parenting #oswin #soufflegirl

I’m not sure how this little man is suddenly grown up enough to need a freaking book bag! He had an amazing first day… Even if I forgot to take him a packed lunch 🙄 #mummyfail #parentblogger #parenting #firstdayofnursery #stripes

@theminimalists film is amazing to open your eyes to what is important. I feel like my house is shrinking with two little people and I think quite a few years of keeping things ‘just incase’. It’s left me with clothes that I wear that make me miserable because they are bubbly or don’t fit in to how I want to look. Thinking about it last night I live in at most 4 pairs of jeans and about 6/7 tops and really about 2/3 jumpers that I actually like. I have atleast 3 coats that I haven’t worn in 2 years that are under my mums bed. I own two yellow rain coats (who needs two?) and God knows how many shoes that are uncomfortable after 5 minutes. This all results in constant clutter and anxiety of needing to tidy my clothes up ( from my floordrobe). This film has given me the push to be brave and get rid of anything that doesn’t make me happy! #declutter #minimalism #konmari #parenting #parentblogger #mummyblog