‘take it easy’

I’m still feeling full of cold and unable to take anything that might actually help as I’m breastfeeding Oswin, so today I decided to ‘take it easy’. So in a man’s world (sorry to stereotype, maybe just my man’s world) today this looked liked this:
Matt work up with noah at 7, made him breakfast and got him dressed. Forgot to back noah’s bag for the childminders and moaned about it not being time for him to go yet. Eventually at 9:15 he took him, came home and had a nap, got ready for work and went by 14:30. He was home before 1am.
My take it easy day whilst noah was at the childminders until 1:30: got up, changed and dressed Oswin, breakfast, put washing in, went food shopping, put washing out, put more washing in, washed out nappies and put them in the bucket, hoovered, fed Oswin and cuddled her to sleep, snuck out from under her and put more washing out and stripped bedding off. I finally  made a tea and sat down to stuff all the nappies (as no-one else seems to understand them) and she woke up screaming. I then had to go pick noah up and the rest of the afternoon/evening was non stop with overtired noah and teething Oswin.
I was still awake until about 1:30 am feeding a gorgeous little monkey that just wouldn’t sleep! All in the same amount of time, yet matt seemed shocked that I was tired when he came home!
Ah start again tomorrow…

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