I saw this cartoon earlier and it made me smile, I saved it on my phone to show matt but I forgot, I have come back to it tonight realising it has summarised my week pretty perfectly.

So noah’s first week of nursery, what could go wrong? Apart from finding a nit walking across his head this afternoon whilst having a mummy and noah car picnic? That’s fine, it’s not like he bit someone or was left without a lunch one day because I didn’t realise I had to make one!… Wait, actually all of those things happened! This week really has been a bit of a roller-coaster with most members of the family being ill and now winnie with an inhaler. Honestly is there ever a time you don’t worry when you have babies?

This weekend alone has had some parenting gold moments and a couple of truly crap ones. So let’s do a list!
Crap moment number 1: coming downstairs on Friday morning to either the cat or dog taking a protest poo on the back door mat, which happens to be in our beige carpeted living room and right next to floor length door curtains. The curtains were obviously used in replacement of toilet roll and they clearly felt the need to make sure the mat would need to be thrown away, thanks pets that we love and feed daily!!!
Number 2: Noah generally terrorising cyd (our tiny neurotic yorkie) and now she has turned in to an under the sofa troll. She had decided that under there she can sound much scarier and we can’t reach her. So now that’s where she sits all day growling that anything that moves. Especially noah as he barks in her face or tries to stroke her one moment after the other. This constantly for 2 days has made me understand why wine exists.
Number 3: noah’s nits, although I only found one actual walking one, he was covered in the eggs. It was just me and him doing a food shop today but once I saw it I felt itchy and kept imagining them eating him, so we left the shopping and just went home to tackle the little vampires.
He has beautifully scruffy hair and having to pull the comb through was torture. He would not sit still for two seconds and no amount of bribery or persuasion worked. I have no idea how many smarties I promised him but thank God he can’t count confidently yet. He thinks 4 is really big!
Number 4: winnie finally fell asleep on me after quite a struggle this evening. She had a few coughs here and there and then at one point sat up coughing and getting frustrated. She had a little bit of sick so I wiped it away, next thing I knew she had turned in to a potential for the reboot of the Exorcist. Yep and facing me on my lap so every bit of sick made a warm and slushy mess down all of me and my trousers!

Thankfully with my little ones they usually make me smile and laugh a good few times a day.
Noah started yesterday by telling me and nanny a pretty perfectly recalled story of going to Australia on 3 aeroplanes. He told us he had to change planes at the airports and that the lady in took his bag and he watched her weigh it on the scales. He said the numbers went up and down. He then told us the lady at the next airport looked in the bag using a big looking machine.
Genuinely no idea how he knows all that but I think it was a flash back from being around before!
Winnie clapped for the first time yesterday and now loves you saying clever girl. We made cupcakes together successful edible ones, and finally noah whilst wanting to check my teeth for Dinosaurs asked me to open my mouth. I said OK if you sing hold back the river (just because he has the cutest voice). The clever little monkey sang “hold back the river let me look at your teeth” and giggled to himself. He is just too funny, he honestly has a better sense of humour and comedic timing that most adults I know. So yep we will never be more tired, more worried and full of things we need to do but mums really do have the best job in the world. We get little moments that show us how clever we are to have raised such sweet little humans that will grow up to do amazing things. In 10,20 years we won’t care that the washing up wasn’t done or anything, we will just see the little people we made and cherished. X

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