@theminimalists film is amazing to open your eyes to what is important. I feel like my house is shrinking with two little people and I think quite a few years of keeping things ‘just incase’. It’s left me with clothes that I wear that make me miserable because they are bubbly or don’t fit in to how I want to look. Thinking about it last night I live in at most 4 pairs of jeans and about 6/7 tops and really about 2/3 jumpers that I actually like. I have atleast 3 coats that I haven’t worn in 2 years that are under my mums bed. I own two yellow rain coats (who needs two?) and God knows how many shoes that are uncomfortable after 5 minutes. This all results in constant clutter and anxiety of needing to tidy my clothes up ( from my floordrobe). This film has given me the push to be brave and get rid of anything that doesn’t make me happy! #declutter #minimalism #konmari #parenting #parentblogger #mummyblog #thespiltmilk.com

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