Kon Mari?

So after feeling like the house is shrinking and in desperate need to make some space, I read a little about the kon Marie method of decluttering. It seemed to be exactly what I needed as generally clearing out ends in me keeping stuff ‘just in case’. This just leads to cupboards full of shoes that are uncomfortable after 5 minutes, clothes I’m never going to wear again (but don’t want to throw away) and about 3 tons of baby clothes for no real reason except being sentimental!

So with Kon Mari you start with clothes (holy moly, all the clothes!). You put everything in the middle of the room and pick up each item and decide if it brings you joy. If the answer is no, then you put it in the pile to donate/sell/throw away, depending on the condition.

I decided that my clothes would be a bit of a challenge to start in an afternoon so I started small and attacked noah’s room. I pulled everything (even newly folded clothes, sorry matt) on to the floor and sorted through. I kept everything I like seeing him in and threw everything that was bobbled, discoloured, oddly shaped or stained. This eliminated basically all of the clothes that make me cringe when matt gets him dressed. Matt has a thing about noah wanting to be comfy, I keep telling him this doesn’t need to mean scruffy!

It took a couple of hours to sort through his clothes and then put them back in an organised way but it made me smile to look in his wardrobe and not see things shoved in. I even folded his pj’s in sets and made him a little den under his bed. I can’t garuntee it will look like that for long but let’s hope it will last a few days at least.

It’s given me a massive urge to clear everything out of this house that hasn’t been looked at for months, or is being kept for ‘just Incase". I think if I feel that good after one room then I could possibly feel like I’m on drugs if I clear the whole house!

I think the idea of only keeping things that bring you joy is such a simple but lovely idea. Clothes that no longer fit just remind you that you have put on weight. Shoes that are uncomfortable are just frustrating and painful! Why keep negative things? I think since having babies i cherish space and quiet moments. In a house full of clutter and useless objects and every bit of storage full, it makes my brain feel full and like I never actually get to have this moment of peace.

Moving on to my clothes today hopefully! Wish me luck! Xx

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