You couldn’t make it up

So today started with good intentions. I was going to bake lots of yummy cakes, mince pies and brownies for tomorrow. My biggest worry at the time was that Oswin wouldn’t want me to put her down. Then I heard from my mum that my lovely big sister had been struggling during the night with her little miss Aisla, not letting her get any sleep. Once I knew her husband wasn’t going to be in today or this evening I couldn’t let her be home alone.

I picked lizzie and Aisla up to rescue them and bring them to ours to relax (ha!) and by that time we needed to eat so I drove towards home without realising we didn’t actually stop to get food. Bloody brains, we were not working with all cylinders firing! So I drove 10 miles past our house to get macdonalds, which of course on approach realised it was closed for refurbishment. So the drive took us further out to kcf, lizzie laughing but also greatful for my brilliant knowledge of local food and places to park and eat it (thanks kids!)

Then we attempted asda for the ‘quick’ shop that I had planned earlier. This ended up taking an hour or so with what was pretty much a mini marathon worth of walking up and down every Isle as I kept remembering different things and feeling ridiculously incompetent at a very simple task. Once again ending with one baby (this time Aisla needing feeding in the car)

Once we got home we managed to muddle through the toddler tantrum and eat dinner. Noah on the other hand managed to kill the TV. Funnily enough hitting the screen repeatedly actually can damage it, who knew! So now we have this great new feature of a 5 inch wide white line down the middle of the screen. It’s almost Christmas so naturally something expensive had to break!

Thinking “what a crap day” was then met by the cat pooing in noah’s bed. Not fun and my partner now wants the cats head on a pole. I thought I better go get some beer or chocolate or sedative of some kind before we all loose the plot, Co op seemed a good bet.

Every calmed after that and I forgot about the now unwatchable TV for a while! My mum went to take lizzie home but lizzie left her bag in the living room so she crawled across the room to get it (recently cleaned carpet and she had boots on) unfortunately this backfired massively as she knocked the beer glass over the recently cleaned carpet whilst trying desperately not to get her shoes on it. Thankfully after a glass of wine and feeling proud of not spilling it I wasn’t too bothered!

Last but not least 30 minutes after mum and lizzie left to go home, someone walks in the door, I expected it to be my mum, and lizzie walks in and says I forgot my coat and my house keys are in it. They were almost there and had to come back.

Honestly if you are having one of these days, please know this is more regular for us than we would like to think! It makes you appreciate the days when you only get an explosive nappy!

For you lizzie 😘 x

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