The dreaded depression is starting to be quite a feature of my last couple of Weeks. I have worried that I have something wrong for quite a while but this week it is taking over. I am forcing myself to write this as I haven’t had the energy to do anything, i feel like I am climbing up the down escalator at 5pm on a Friday at King’s cross. It’s that bad. I cannot cope with noah’s moods, my partners grumpy moods or anything really.
I haven’t been able to park for the last 4 days unless basic pull in and stop style. My anxiety has been bad enough that I have just stopped mid way through a parallel Park and let Matt do it. This isn’t good. Tomorrow I will be going to the doctors 😦 I know from studying psychology that I cannot begin to give my babies a balanced life and good foundations for adulthood until I am able to look after myself. Sorry not a cheery post but a parenthood related one, just the crappy side of it!
Wish me luck x

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