So after the most difficult week of being an adult (and parent) I chose to put myself first today and went out for lunch with my mum. Whenever we have days off we don’t relax and end up more tired the next day, so today we had a child free (still had the tiny lady) lunch.

I’m not sure why (maybe the week of constant arguing with noah) but I went straight for the cocktail menu instead of food! And to my surprise I ordered a strawberry daiquiri! At midday!!! On a Monday!!!! You know it’s been a tough week when that happens.

It was so nice to not have to share it with a toddler who most definitely spits in all drinks he shares.

It was also pretty amazing to come home to find he had used his new steps to the big boy toilet, yay slowing getting out of Nappies! Ah how I hate them!

Also bed before midnight is pretty dreamy 😴 xx

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