Getting there

So the last 24 hours have been fun! I’ve gone from feeling like I just want to cry and feeling quite lonely with a very difficult toddler and 8 week old who I just want to sit and adore to feeling like OK let’s do this parenting thing!

Yesterday started crappy and I couldn’t see my mood lifting, thankfully I have an amazing sister (1 of 2) who invited me and little ones to go strawberry picking. So the challenge of getting noah out of the house began! It took about an hour and we managed it and only a few minutes late. He loved it and having his aunty and uncle around lifted both his and my mood. We still began the car journey by saying sorry to eachother for being grumpy!

The rest of the day then went OK and little man was in bed at a decent time so my mum, my sister and me got time to have a ‘put the world in order’ conversation. This ranged from my mum telling us she wanted to walk down the Isle to ‘boogie wondeland’ yep you read it right. She was adamant that it was that song and the priest wouldn’t allow it, turns out she actually meant a much calmer, less disco crazy song by the same band but it was hilarious to picture my mum strutting her disco stuff down the Isle. The conversion also covered serious parenty stuff like routine and having a bit more trust in noah to behave.

This ended in noah having free reign this morning to get out of his room and come up stairs to me and his sister at 6am instead of waiting to be let out of his room. This worked, we were up, dressed and had eaten breakfast by 7:40. A massive achievement in our house. Winnie is 8 weeks and so far my mum or parter has gotten up with noah to give me a few minutes to get myself and her sorted.

I loved having time to talk everything through with my mum and sister, I’m not sure where I would be without them. Everything seems a bit easier to manage when we have talked everything through and made a million mini plans.

Today still didn’t go exactly to plan, we still ended up shouting and we even had a nap that was way to late in the day to now have a normal bedtime! But it’s OK!

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