It’s OK to not want to kiss goodbye

Reading this article on teaching consent made me think several things. 1 now that I have a daughter I need to make sure she is brave enough to say no and to not let her grow up thinking that is it not OK to feel uncomfortable or sexualised. 2 having a son I need to make sure he does not become this type of person, I need to teach him no is enough to stop something happening. 3 let him know it is OK if he doesn’t want to kiss someone good bye or give cuddles, we need to pay more attention to his body language and his choices as his parents, if we don’t who will?
It is never too early to ask your little ones permission to touch them, watching a video on baby massage earlier today, you ask permission using a familiar hand gesture and they learn that they can refuse the massage. If they show discomfort you should stop the massage to teach them they have the right to not be touched from day one. This is a very early introduction to self awareness and it is a brilliant first step.

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