What a day!

So except from busting in to tears, finding a cupboard to hide in or running away, what do you do on a day like today? When you are already emotionally drained, physically exhausted, sleep deprived and generally a wreck?

Personally I keep going. I realised this morning that there would be no let up today, no saviour was coming so it was down to me to be responsible for these two little beings as it was intended. I had my almost 6 week old winnie attached to me all night making it impossible to sleep because I was clearly more comfortable than her cot. I also had my ‘long lost dog’ in bed with me for the first time in 6 months. It is a very long story as to why after 8 years of being my little shadow that she no longer lives with me but just know that it was emotionally draining seeing her last night and getting to cuddle her was amazing.

So a night of very odd over tired emotions made for a very difficult start to today. I was looking forward to dropping noah off at his childminders and then taking a few hours to sit and cuddle and gaze lovingly at my sweet little winnie. However after finally having something to eat, just a short while later I was called to pick noah up as he has the dreaded chicken pox! So that was that, the rest of the day, until now, I haven’t sat down or stopped feeling like I might burst!

Winnie has been stuck to me all day just wanting me and no one else appears to comfort her. I had one redeeming activity that I couldn’t wait for, a simple hair cut this evening, and I had to cancel it as couldn’t bear to leave her.

So on to another day tomorrow home alone with a poxy unreasonable toddler who is nothing less than a tornado or cave man, a baby who is perfectly cuddly but I can’t even go for a wee and it’s my partners birthday. So far he has an unwrapped present and a card made by noah today. Here’s to hoping I am able to pop out tomorrow for a few precious moments to get him a car, wrapping paper and something nice to make for breakfast!!

Wish me luck! X

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