Challenging the defiant toddler

This week we started ‘Noah school’ after Noah’s behaviour has been getting worse being home with me every day and a baby which he isnt able to play with yet. There is a constant frustration of being told to sit nicely or stop throwing things. He is becoming more determined to be ‘naughty’ and it seems once that word is said there is no turning back. It becomes a fun game of opposites and he will not co-oporate until he is ready.

I started reading up on toddler behaviour and schedules which led me to tot school. This brilliant idea instantly gave me hope that I could help him by challenging his intelligence rather than his stubbornness. I decided to start with an easy topic of shapes for our theme for the week. I chose one shape a day and a simple plan of a couple of activities for each day as well as a trip to the library.

I began by popping to poundland to get some craft items. This trip ended up being much more successful than I could have hoped. I found wipe clean books teaching toddlers shapes, letters and colours through different animal based books. We got 5 or 6 of them to go with themes we will work towards.

We started with circles on Monday. We began by explaining a circle, drawing one for noah to see and tracing it with his finger. We moved on to hunting circles around the living room, this included buttons, lids and decorative items. We played a game of choosing which is the circle out of 3 items and then drew around them on paper.

He had much better control of the pen than I thought he had and managed to get pretty circle looking shapes. We then moved to the book and Noah really surprised me with how accurate his tracing of the shapes was. We also made circle biscuits later in the day before he lost interest and started throwing things again.

I do feel like Noah school helped him to focus his thoughts and gave him purpose, he only really got unreasonable when he was tired.

This has had a huge improvement on our tolerance of each other. He has been less determined to get my attention through bad behaviour and I have been patient with him.

Today we touched on squares and without me realising he traced around the letters ‘c’ and ‘e’ of the word circle almost perfectly! I didn’t know he was able to trace letters but he is forever proves me wrong.

Tomorrow we are attempting triangles, hopefully he will be in a nice mood! Wish me luck x

The first post

Hello, I’m Jessie and I have two beautiful babies called Noah and Oswin with my partner Matt. Noah is 2 and a half and Oswin is 5 weeks. I have decided to start a blog consistenting of product reviews, reviews of places we visit (from a parents perspective) and generally what our little family get up to.

Maybe we I can help someone who needs help deciding where to take two toddlers on a rainy day but more than anything I’m hoping I can just have somewhere I can write with purpose again. I need to get some use out of my ridiculously expensive psychology and criminal behaviour degree right?!

To be honest I never thought I would be almost 25 with two babies but I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a medical condition which is at the moment manifests as a mild disability and annoyance day to day but really it is a muscle wasting condition which has caused many members of my family to now be wheelchair users before the age of 60.

This terrifies me and makes my life seem somewhat short. I see this is as my future with no real prevention apart from to live as much as I can now whilst I am able to. For some people this might mean travelling the world or having an amazing career but once I started university I realised that my brain was fine, better than I had thought and it would be there for longer than my body was able. This made me realise what was most important to me, it didn’t take much to decide that it was family.

I am very close to my mum and sisters and I wanted to have that with my children. I wanted to go on adventures with my children and Matt whilst I was able to climb, run and play with them, before it started to become a chore or something I had to let someone else do with them.

So here we are, a week off turning 25 with a 2:1 in psychology and criminal behaviour, a toddler who has the ability to turn in to drop dead Fred, a new born baby girl and I have a good section of my life to adore and spoil them.

So that was a very quick summary of me and what this blog is, in somewhat more depth than I had planned but that’s OK! I hope you enjoy reading this and maybe even gain something from it. Jessie x